Synthetic Stone Colours, Shapes and Cuts

Every gemstone has facets and colours of divinity.

The cut, shape and size of a gemstone are all very important characteristics to mark the ‘aesthetics of a stone’.


Roughs Stones

We are committed to providing a shining solution for every budget. We trade into all the categories of the rough and the polished and cut synthetic stones. Synthetic gemstones are lab created gemstones that harbour the same optical and physical qualities as their natural counterparts.


Colour is the most important factor while assessing coloured gems. It is estimated that colour contributes to a high percent of a gem’s final value. Hue is the tint or shade, tone is the degree of lightness or darkness of a colour and saturation is described as the intensity of colour in a gemstone.

Discover your colours from the array of shades for rough and polished stones that we provide you at G.S.Exports!!
Every gemstone has many facets and colours of divinity, own and enjoy the experience of each one.

Cuts & Shapes

Some cut names may describe the shape of the finished gem and others refer to the shape and arrangement of the gem’s facets. Both of these attributes i.e. cut and shape, work together to perfectly enhance the beauty and shine of the gem.

At G.S. Exports, choose from the list of the faceted and the non-faceted gems that are in classic and unique shapes and cuts!!